WIP Wednesday: 10 months done!

In some ways 2013 has seemed like the longest year ever. Work has been stressful, Annie had some serious challenges, my grandma passed away… But in other ways the year is flying by. October? Really? I mean, it must be, because over the weekend we set up our annual Halloween graveyard in our front yard, and if it’s not really October, well, then I don’t think our neighbors will appreciate it!

It also must be October because on Monday I pieced not just one, but both October blocks for the Sugar Block Club. (I’m making two quilts from the patterns…) This month, the pattern is called Lucky Star, but it wasn’t totally lucky for me.

First, I’ll show you the less successful block. This one has incredibly mismatched points. I mean, YIKES, look at the center patch of the top row. And the fabrics didn’t work the way I intended- the two prints are too similar. Grumble.


But the second one came out MUCH better. The points are better, and the colors worked out more the way I intended.


I can’t believe there are just two blocks/months left. I have really enjoyed having an assigned project each month- it’s kept me on track when otherwise I might not have sewn anything. I’ll have to start making a good plan for next year…



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9 responses to “WIP Wednesday: 10 months done!

  1. Both of your blocks look great, but I like the contrast more on the second one. I really like this month’s Sugar Block and you’ve inspired me to get sewing on mine!

  2. Monthly goals are huge helps for me, too. I like both of the blocks! The fabrics are so pretty in the first one, it’s OK that it turned out different from how you’d pictured, and the prints camouflage the wonky points quite well. 🙂

    • Thanking you for pointing out that the prints help camouflage the wonky points- that helped me appreciate the block more 🙂

      BTW, i saw on your blog that you are in CO- me too! Denver area- how bout you?

      Thanks for coming by!


  3. Beautiful blocks…the batik is my favorite 🙂

  4. ellen

    If you ever do a block a month again let me know and I’ll join you!

  5. I really like the purple one – imperfections and all. BOM are so much fun but I joined in too many at once and now I’m taking a respite. 🙂

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