My Henry turned the big 1-0 back on Friday the 13th. Celebrating his birthday was tempered by the fact that my grandma passed away earlier the same week, and we spent Henry’s actual birthday flying to the funeral.


There was a bittersweet upside to this sad situation- for once we got to celebrate a birthday with lots of relatives (no one but my mom lives near us…) And it’s always nice to balance a funeral with a celebration of life…

Meanwhile, we planned Henry’s celebration with his friends for a few weeks out- yesterday, in fact. This year has been the year of Doctor Who for our family- we started watching the show all together, and both my kids are now Whovians. The party itself was at a local laser tag place- not too expensive, close to home, and hey, it means I don’t have to clean the house or entertain the kids myself… 3 of Henry’s last 4 parties have in fact been there. So while I didn’t plan anything too elaborate for this party, I did want to give it a little Whovian touch.

I’ve spent a little(!) bit of time on Pinterest looking for great Doctor Who ideas, and I found the following cupcakes:



Henry LOVES Daleks. Loves. See?

DSC_2396 IMG_3535

(That’s him cuddling with his new, plush Supreme Dalek on one of the legs of the flight to the funeral.) And these cupcakes looked simple enough even for me- just print and cut out the wrappers, then tape them together and stick in a cupcake.

But somehow, I couldn’t get my cupcakes, standard size, to fit into the wrappers right side up. So we had upside down Daleks!


No idea why mine didn’t fit in the right way. But, even though he totally noticed that they were upside down, Henry still loved them. Only one of his guests actually knew what a Dalek was, so no one else noticed. Phew. I was pleased that the Laser Quest party room table was darn near Tardis Blue!

I would have felt like a super cool mom, but the people in the next party room over had gone all out with a Minecraft theme- and Minecraft is the only thing that Henry likes as much as Doctor Who. He and some of his little guests were staring longingly into the Minecraft room. Sigh. Maybe next year

Although, when he sees what I making him for Xmas, I think I’ll be back at the top of the “Coolest Mom Ever” charts..



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2 responses to “Dalektable

  1. The cupcakes look great and I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m a Dr Who fan and didn’t realise that the daleks were upside down…

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