WIP Wednesday: Bingeing on Sugar Blocks

Before the sadness of Monday, I had a huge (for me) sewing day on Saturday. Each kid was at a different birthday party, and I actually ended up with some free time. So of course I combined binge-sewing with binge-watching, and spent a few hours catching up on the August and September Sugar Block Club blocks while finally checking out Orange is the New Black.

And yes, I totally loved it and got sucked in. 6 episodes down, 7 to go. And happily, I hear there will be a second season to binge on.

Meanwhile, you probably care more about what I sewed than about a TV show that everyone discovered months before me… So perhaps it’s time for some photos.

August, Quilt #1:


August, Quilt #2:


September, Quilt #1:


September, Quilt #2:


Quilt #1, January-September:


Quilt #2, January-September:


For fun, I laid the blocks out in the same order for each quilt, just to see the different effects caused by the different fabric choices… Quilt #1 will be for me, quilt #2 is an Xmas gift for my mom.

I’m glad I got to spend some time sewing this weekend, as now we’re headed out of town for the funeral, and then on to a vacation that was scheduled back in May, and by the time we get back, and celebrate Henry’s birthday (which is actually on Friday the 13th), I have no idea when I’ll get another block of uninterrupted time…or have the energy to sew.

Thank you to everyone for the kind comments about my grandmother. It wasn’t unexpected, but still, it’s very hard to lose someone at any time.

(Linking up over at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.)


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10 responses to “WIP Wednesday: Bingeing on Sugar Blocks

  1. Libby

    Great color choices! A purple-y background isn’t something I’ve seen very often, but I really love how it goes with the teals. I like Quilt #2 too, it looks like fall πŸ™‚

    • I’m really happy with how the colors are working out in each quilt. The fall-colored is for my mom, totally not my colors- but it’s good to know I can still make them work…

      Thanks for coming by! -Samantha

  2. I joined the Sugar Block club but never even did one block, your purples and blues are gorgeous, like cotton candy πŸ˜‰ xoxo melzie
    ps sorry about your loss ❀

    • The club has been really useful for me- I lost my quilting mojo last year, and committing to doing a block (or actually 2) each month has been forcing me back to work!

      Thanks for coming by, and for the condolences.


  3. Wow! It’s amazing to see how different it looks just because of the color scheme. It took me a while to realize that some of them were the exact same block, especially the middle-left block. I thought they were different. Crazy!

    And, I’m sorry for your loss.

    • I have been switching off which quilt’s block I make first each month, and learning how the colors play in each particular pattern before making the next block… But even with that, the color schemes are SO different, I end up with some very different results! It’s kind of fun to do two at the same time for that very reason.

      Thanks for coming by, and for the condolences.


  4. I truly can’t pick a favorite – but I am especially loving how this purple quilt is turning out. These are looking fabulous – great job! Also, I’ve been a little behind on blog reading, so I wanted you to know that I send you sweet thoughts and a hug!

  5. I love seeing the blocks in the same layout with different color schemes. They are both great πŸ™‚

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