Such an odd word for when someone passes. Last night we “lost” my grandmother. She turned 98 last month, and she had been in failing health for some time. That photo up above was taken when the kids and I went to see her in June. We had a lovely visit, for which I will be eternally grateful. She went peacefully in her sleep, and for that I will also be eternally grateful.


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10 responses to ““Lost”

  1. So sorry to hear, but wonderful that you had the opportunity for a lovely visit with her in June .

  2. I’m sorry for the sad news. In the photo she appeared to be a lovely person. Unfortunately, losing dear people is part of the cycle of life – not that this makes it any easier. At least you had a chance to see her recently, and she lived a long life. My condolences to you and your family

    • She was a lovely person- and she delighted in her great-grandchildren. (Mine are two of her four…) I’m glass she was able to spend some time with them this year. Thank you for your kind words… -Samantha

  3. So sorry that your Grandma has passed. Remember all the beautiful memories and the joy. Marie x

    • Thank you- my daughter was worried about the funeral, and I explained to her that instead of focusing on being sad, we would be sharing our happy memories with others who loved Grandma. I think that helped her feel better… -Samantha

  4. Such a sweet picture..sending condolences from Texas.

  5. You are truly blessed to have her for so long. What a wonderful decision to have your kids and you see her this summer–you will always have special memories of her and now your kids have recent ones to remember. She will always be with you.

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