Finish it up Friday: Another Harmony block

Ever sit down to work on what should be a super simple project, only to make mistake after silly mistake?

Isn’t it just the worst? So totally frustrating…

The August block for the Harmony Circle of do.Good Stitches was like that for me. The month’s hostess specifically picked a super easy block, a Wonky Churn Dash, because of summer travel, back to school, and all that jazz. It was very thoughtful, and I was relieved. We spent part of August on an amazing European vacation, and I didn’t get to start the blocks before I left. When I got back, we went immediately back into school/work mode. I barely had any time to work on the blocks, but no biggie, because it was so simple.


Or anyway, not for me…

Spatial relationships are not my strongpoint. Which might be a tiny understatement. I didn’t have solid scraps in the colors required for the blocks, so I tried to cut pieces to the right size, without wasting fabric. Yeah, didn’t work. At all. I stitched and flipped and realized my colored bits weren’t big enough to make my squares the required 4.5″. And then I ripped (and had to cut all new colored bits because my estimates were so very very off) and stitched and flipped and swore because they still weren’t right. After a few rounds of this delightful process, I had 2 finished blocks. But one had a lumpy seam and corner piece that just looked wrong. I was past the point of being productive, so I abandoned them.

Later in the week, I came back, ripped apart the bad block, and fixed it enough that I wasn’t embarrassed to mail it out.


You’d never guess by looking how much misery I was caused by these innocent little blocks.


Hope your recent sewing has gone ever so much better than mine, and if not, that you had some wine and/or chocolate to cushion the blow…

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11 responses to “Finish it up Friday: Another Harmony block

  1. The blocks look wonderful. I had a knitting moment like yours this week and ended up restarting something that was half finished before I messed it up…

  2. ellen

    All the sweat and tears were worth it! The look great. Good thing you didn’t have to make a queen size quilt… 🙂

  3. I so understand–happens to me every time I stitch and flip anything angled whether it is paper piecing or improv piecing. It takes us longer, but we get there, as you did.

    • Glad to hear I have a friend with the same problems- misery loves company, right?

      Paper piecing gets me every time, too. It’s a good thing these blocks were going to someone else, as it forced me to woman up and make them better!


  4. We all get our challenges …..the blocks look fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I don’t like the old churn dash but I do like your wonky version! Hope the headache they caused has subsided!

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