Another month, another pair of simply fabulous socks!

A few weeks back, I told you all about the awesome June shipment from the Cookie A Sock club. Spock and Kirk themed socks? Yes, please! The Kirk-inspired Tiberius socks flew off my needles and are wonderful to wear, and I immediately cast on the Spocks.

I grabbed some fabulous yarn out of my stash, purchased during a trip to Fiber Space (best logo ever!) in Washington, DC nearly 3 years ago… (As an aside, do you buy yarn or fabric as a souvenir when you travel? Because I absolutely do- and when I finally use what I buy, all the memories from the trip are wrapped up in the FO- which is all sorts of awesome.0

neighborhood yarn 2

Isn’t it pretty? It’s Neighborhood Fiber Co. Luxury Sock in Cleveland Park color way. It’s got 10% cashmere, just like the delicious Sweet Georgia that was the June club yarn. I thought the variegation would be okay in this pattern- not too overt to distract from the fabulous sock itself. And while the blue is darker than Spock’s uniform shirt, it’s still blue. What do you think?



Again, I love the pattern, and I’m very happy with how the socks turned out. The pattern was a breeze- I finished the first one in less than a week, and would have been done with the second just as fast, but life got in the way…

Now my fingers are crossed that the August shipment arrives by the 7th, as we leave on vacation the 8th…and it’s a trip that will include lots of time for knitting… I can’t wait to tell you all about it (the trip, not the socks, but if I’m honest, yes, the next socks as well)!


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