Fancy x Seven

This weekend, the fabulous Fancy Tiger Crafts celebrated their 7th anniversary. Over the past three or four years, I’ve spent lots of time, and a significant part of my crafty budget, there!

Fancy Tiger has become quite renowned for throwing epic anniversary bashes. Perks often include free shirts with purchase, swag bags for the first 100 folks through the door, stickers, tasty treats, and more… I’ve gone the last few years, and it’s always fun, if a bit manic. This year, Annie wanted to come too. So we packed up our fiber and our pocket chairs, and staked out a spot at the front of the line.


We were about 6 people back- a primo spot! We were joined by a fabulous friend and her fibers, too. Knitters are the best at waiting in line, no?


The line stretched far by the time the party officially started! (PS- edited to add- here is a link to the official FT blog post– you can see Annie and I working away at the head of the line!)


People from the back kept coming forward to count and see if they would make it into the first 100 and score the sweet swag… We of course got some! Annie’s was the prize- a skein of Opal sport and an adorable knitted bunny pattern, as well as a cross stitch phone charm kit (all three of us ended up with those…) I got a skein of aqua hued mohair yarn, which I traded to my friend for her 2 yards of blue fabric, coveted by Annie, who then swapped me for that for her bunny pattern and yarn… I also ended up with a Mochimochiland frog and lily pad kit that is pretty darn adorable.

20130715-211841.jpgAnnie and I, being groupies, each got a new Fancy Tiger T-shirt. Annie’s going to wear hers to FT Fashion design camp next week 🙂 An extra perk? FT went bag-less back on earth day, and during the celebration, they gave them out with each $20 purchase. They’re quite wonderful!


Happy anniversary, Fancy Tiger! Thanks for throwing such a fun party. Here’s to another 7 wonderful years…




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2 responses to “Fancy x Seven

  1. That looks like a lot of fun … one of these days I’ll have to drive up and visit Fancy Tiger.

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