WIP Wednesday: Chevron Kitty Progress (and lots of it!)

Last week I showed you all the blocks for my Hello Kitty inspired baby chevron quilt. It’s super exciting that this week, I can show you some MAJOR progress!

I had an unexpected day to myself last week, and I got the top all together!


It’s not exactly even, and the points are far from perfect, but the top is done! And I like it. The Michael Miller hot pink dot fabric is the only thing I’d change- I adore that fabric, but I don’t like the way the strong lines of the dots turned out in the half square triangles. Ah, well.

Then last night, I ended up home alone unexpectedly- one kid at an impromptu sleepover, and the other (and Rich) at his little league game… So I busted out some Buffy on my iPad (I’m getting close to the end of the final season 😦 ) and started basting…


It took about the length of one episode to get it done… Do you watch anything while you sew? I stream loads of stuff from Netflix. Recently it was the new Battlestar Galactica, and I’ve been watching Buffy off and on for the least year or so. I find the trick is finding something where listening without looking is okay.


Did I mention that I found the cutest Hello Kitty fabric for the back?


(The pun loving part of me is thrilled that there are umbrellas and rainbows on the quilt that will be a shower gift.)

Today, I ended up with even more unexpected alone time. Last day of school, which means the kids get out at 11 and noon, respectively. I took the day off to deal with that. And also, my mom-in-law was supposed to be flying in to visit. But she missed her plane, and won’t arrive until 11pm. So I let Annie go to a friend’s house, and before I picked up Henry, I got the whole darn thing quilted.

IMG_2050 IMG_2052

I even managed to finish the quilting while having to stop and change the needle, after I shattered it hit one of the pins… Busted the pin pretty good too.

I can’t count on another run of surprise alone time to help me get the binding on, but hopefully, by next week, I’ll have a done quilt in time for the shower after all!

What did you do this week?


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20 responses to “WIP Wednesday: Chevron Kitty Progress (and lots of it!)

  1. It looks great! Yay for unexpected alone time.
    Right now most of my unexpected alone time gets channelled into my thesis. I did manage to cast on a new knitting project though.

    • I admit to stopping at a masters degree because I didn’t have the energy to channel into a thesis, and also a job, and the kids. I admire you so much!! Maybe I’ll go back to school when I’m older? -Sam

  2. Great to have all that ALONE time. I need to get some sorted out!

    • Having that much alone time in one week was a fluke… sadly, I/ have no idea how to pull it off again. But I’m glad I put it to good use! Thank you for coming by.


  3. this is so bright and vibrant, lovely! I like the HK backing for it as well 🙂

    I am stopping by from the WIP hop, hop on by if you can! http://domesticdeficitdisorder.blogspot.com/2013/06/wip-wednesday-june-4th-edition.html

  4. Oh lucky you to have some time to sew – your quilt top looks fabulous (and I love your sparkly nail polish!)

  5. Looks great–I love how you carved out time to quilt in between everything else that was going on–love the chevrons!

  6. Well done in both getting time to yourself and in using it so productively. The quilt looks lovely.

  7. So adorable! Yea for getting it all basted and quilted before the shower. Hopefully the binding will go quickly for you. I love listening to TV while quilting too – reruns of old favorites work for me because listening is enough.

  8. Sara

    You are on a roll. I like to watch stuff on Netflix and Hulu as well as much as I can too while sewing.

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