I may not have a green thumb, but I have some awesome Tulips

I just realized yesterday that I finished a lovely pair of socks a few weeks back, but forgot to blog about them. I think it was a combination of not having any decent photos, and my obsessions with crocheting more coral… The socks got finished and put aside. (Also, we went from crazy amounts of late spring snow straight into summer-high heat with basically no in between. Ah, Colorado…)

Which was really a shame, as they are a lovely pair. So tonight I grabbed my husband as he was racing out the door to get Henry to one of his 3 baseball games of the week, and got hime to snap away at my feet.


The pattern is Tulip Socks, from the April shipment of the 2013 Cookie A Sock Club. It’s one of those lovely simple but elegant patterns that are not hard to knit, but finish to a stunning effect. Check out the detail on the cuff especially- I love the way the tulip shape is formed as the pattern itself kicks in.



The yarn is a wonderful shade of purple- light and springy but not too soft- and is a club exclusive color called Violet Hour. It is Dream in Color Everlasting Sock. I’ve used other Dream in Color yarns before and loved them, but I have mixed feelings on this one. It’s an 8-ply. That’s a lot of ply for a sock yarn! I had some fiddly, annoying moments where I split the yarn… I had to rip back twice (put yarnovers in the wrong place while watching Dr Who with the fam) and in each spot, you can really tell. Fortunately, only in the stockinette sections on the bottom of the feet, but, still… I’m still trying to decide if the fabulous drape and soft texture were worth the headache of the 8-ply.



Now back to crocheting my coral… at least until the June Cookie A shipment arrives in a week or so. What’s on your hooks and needles right now?


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4 responses to “I may not have a green thumb, but I have some awesome Tulips

  1. ellen

    See, now your tulips can last all year long!

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