WIP Wednesday: Chevrons a la Kitty

In 2 weeks I’ll be attending a baby shower for an old friend. Tests conclusively demonstrated that the little bundle of joy will be of the girl kind, so I got to bust out some pink. Not that I think that all girls need pink stuff, but, mom-to-be also happens to be a fan of Hello, Kitty. So in this case, pink it had to be! I found some cute HK fabric at JoAnns (thank goodness for the 40% off coupons they offer nearly weekly…)ย And then I had to decide what to do with said fabric. I played around with a few combos and came up with this.


Some Kaffe, some Michael Miller, and some random stash, along with the Hello Kitty… I had a recent issue of Quilty that contained a super simple chevron pattern, sized perfectly for a baby project, and I decided that was a perfect fit. The pattern didn’t have you make the HSTs in the fabulous cheater way, and in retrospect, I wish I had just done them my own way. even for a quilt this small, there was a lot of cutting.


I had to go back out for some white solid- I know there’s some in my sewing room, but where??? (Another one of those 40% off JoAnns coupons came in handy.)

I spent part of Sunday afternoon piecing away…


I LOVE the way that particular fabric looks in the chevrons!


And then I had to stop, because we had a family night out at the movies. (The theater nearest us does $5 for all showings on Sundays, and since the kids had no school monday, we felt like we could let them stay up late.) I put down the pink and headed out with everyone to see the new Star Trek…

Monday we had friends over (first BBQ of the summer, with hopefully many more to come), so no sewing, but I got all the blocks done Tuesday night!


I’m hoping they flatten out a little bit- again, my piecing leaves something to be desired. Hoping to get it into one piece and basted this weekend. And then, my mother-in-law is coming to town for my husband’s birthday next week, which means no sewing time. Realistically, the odds of me getting this done before the shower are next to nil. But I’m going to try, dammit. Wish me luck!

What are YOU up to this week? And have you ever taken an unfinished quilt to a shower, then taken it back home with you to finish?



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20 responses to “WIP Wednesday: Chevrons a la Kitty

  1. It looks fabulous, love the fabrics and the pattern. I’m working on a quilt for my brother’s wedding tonight (once I drag myself off-line). I’ve never taken an unfinished quilt anywhere, but since this one is turning out to be much bigger than I anticipated I suspect that the boys will get a viewing of the quilt at their wedding and then I’ll be taking it back home to finish off.

  2. The Sassy Quilter


  3. The Sassy Quilter

    Looks great! Haha! My sister has done that several times, I usually just say your getting it later:)

  4. Julie in GA

    I love your fabrics and your chevrons–looks great!

  5. you certainly can’t go wrong with chevrons! =)

  6. I love it! There’s nothing better than chevrons and Hello, Kitty!

    I have a feeling I may be taking an unfinished quilt top to a shower in a few weeks LOL.

  7. What a great little girl quilt! I’m sure mama and baby will love it.

  8. creativeinstincts

    This is beautiful…the colours look so pretty

  9. Your quilt is delightful. Nice contrast to entertain a baby. I haven’t taken an unfinished quilt to a shower, but I have given the top as Christmas present one year and the finished product the next. I think I might do a mock up tiny, gluing pieces on paper and wrap it for the shower with an IOU the whole quilt note.

    • Oooh, the mock up idea is great- I love it! I got the top pieced today, so maybe I’ll make my deadline after all? I like your double xmas strategy ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for coming by! -Samantha

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