Happy Birthday, Dear Annie!

On Tuesday, my firstborn turned 12!


Colorado weather treated her to a super snowy morning to celebrate, but no school delay 😦

Our family tradition dictates that the birthday person gets to pick anywhere they want for their birthday dinner. (Within reason- we have to be able to realistically drive there, which can be a challenge on a school night, and it can’t be crazy crazy expensive, and it can never, ever be Chuck E Cheese.)

Annie went back and forth on her choices, and ended up wanting something “chill”. Apparently in tween speak, this meant “casual”. It was very nearly burgers, but then she picked her favorite ramen joint- it’s a total dive, with sticky tables and this time, no wait staff, just the chef himself filling all roles- and that’s where we went.


Since my mom now lives nearby, we got her to join us for the big night out. (She gave Annie that cute little dog she’s holding, FYI.)


So mom could take part, we opened presents at the restaurant. There were only a few, as this year Annie chose to raise funds for Freedom Service Dogs, a nonprofit agency, in lieu of asking for gifts. (You can check out her page here- she raised nearly $400!) But what few gifts there were were awesome. Recently, Annie has rediscovered My Little Pony in a semi-ironic way, and she also has a newfound love of Dr. Who. When she learned that there is a Dr. Who inspired MLP, Dr. Whooves, her head nearly exploded. And we found her a T-Shirt of the character, complete with his own Tardis… I think she likes it.


For the last few years, Annie’s favorite treat has been fro-yo. She begs for it weekly. So we ended the evening at a favorite local joint, Yogurtini. There was no candle in the yogurt, but, it worked!


Happy birthday, Annie! Here’s hoping 12 is great, for all of us!




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3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Dear Annie!

  1. So love that she raised money in lieu of gifts- what a special daughter!

    • This is the third or fourth year she has chosen to do this. It does make me very proud! She’s old enough now that she can do some small bits of volunteering for the agency as well.


  2. mindingmomma

    happy birthday to Annie

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