C is for Cadbury Creme Cookies!

Finally, I’ve actually completed a Pinterest based project! I tend to pin lots of delicious sweets. I don’t actually make any of them, because I dislike baking only slightly more than I dislike cooking. I know, sad. But since we’re joining some fabulous friends for a Passover seder this week, it seemed like a good time to actually make a treat rather than buying something.

Last year at this time, I attempted to make a delicious item I had found online- Cadbury Creme Egg stuffed cupcakes. (The trick? Simple enough- just freeze the eggs beforehand.) They turned out to be cloyingly sweet- you know you went too far when even the kids think it’s too much!

So when I stumbled onto this recipe (and here I am using “recipe” in the loosest terms) via Pinterest last week, I was a bit skeptical. Would we go into diabetic comas after a bite?


Because, as I have mentioned before, I am lazy and don’t like to spend any time in the kitchen, I picked up a tub of ready made chocolate chip cookie dough at the same time I picked up the mini eggs. Then I tricked my awesome husband and children into doing most of the work- which basically consisted of forming balls of dough around the eggs.


We’re at high altitude here, and we followed the instructions that came with the cookies- 13 mins at 350. We fit 9 cookies on a sheet with no overlap.


As you can see, even with our perfectly formed balls o’ dough, there was some creme egg leakage. Not much, but some.


The eggs melted nicely, staying mostly in the centers of the cookies. I am curious as to what would happen if you started with frozen eggs… anyone want to try that and get back to me?


The verdict? WAY better than last year’s cupcakes. Sweet, but not too sweet. We’ll have to see how the hold up when they’re not straight from the oven. We only just let them cool enough to not burn our tongues… And because, like every project I ever attempt, it took longer than we planned, we sent the kids to bed on a sugar high.  Oops. I’m sure we’ll pay for that later.



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2 responses to “C is for Cadbury Creme Cookies!

  1. Yum! They look delicious. What size are the eggs you used? I’ve only seen one size here in Aus, and they’re around 2″ tall. Is there another size that I’ve never seen before? We must be missing out!

    • You’re right- we do have an alternate size of Cadbury Creme Eggs in the US- they’re minis, and are about 3/4 of an inch. MUCH more appropriate for cookies!! I actually like them better overall- just the right amount of sweetness, not overkill. -Samantha

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