Socks O’ The Irish

Just in time for St. Pat’s Day, I finished up my Ernie socks, from the February 2013 Cookie A Sock Club shipment. The yarn is a stunning deep green cashmere blend from Indigodragonfly. Ernie is made up of what look at first like tiny cables, but are actually very clever twist increases. I’ve never worked this type of increase before, but after the first repeat, I was hooked. The increase creates a really stretchy sock, and they are so comfortable! I love these socks- and I got them done before the April shipment!


For no reason aside from that the photos made me smile, I thought I’d share our St. Pat’s Day lunch with you. MY mom was craving corned beef and cabbage, and so she treated us all to lunch at our favorite New York style deli… Of course, Henry had chicken fingers, and Annie had chicken noodle matzo ball soup. I came a bit closer to the mark with a corned beef reuben. And then there was the back & white cookie that was as big as Henry’s head…
20130317-145757.jpg 20130317-152503.jpg20130317-145807.jpg 20130317-145815.jpg

Here’s hoping you all had a great, green, day as well!


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