WIP Wednesday: a 2fer

Last week I mentioned that I was way way behind on quilts for babies… Off the top of my head, I can think of three little men who entered the world last year, and who have yet to get a quilt from me. Now that I’m oh so slowly reclaiming my quilting mojo, it seems like time to rectify that situation.

Like many of you, I have searched Pinterest for inspiration. Sometimes I have gotten sucked in and spent HOURS searching. Sometimes it pays off. I stumbled onto the Fat Quarter Gang blog, and their many wonderful tutorials. Lap of Luxe by Quilt Dad spoke to me immediately. It’s my favorite kind of pattern- simple, elegant, and lets the fabric do the talking.

I pulled fabric to make a baby quilt from this pattern. I started with some awesome Michael Miller robots that I’ve been hoarding saving for just the right occasion.


I added some other fun spacey stuff, including rayguns, and then I had to throw in the flames because orange flames make everything go faster! There’s even 3 batiks, because I will never stop loving the intensity of color you get out of those fabrics!

The pattern calls for making HSTs and trimming them back down to size.

The method was a bit of a waste of fabric, but, it did allow me to get really accurate triangles. That, and my buddy Faultless Spray Starch. And pins.

Aside from the HSTs, the pattern calls for squares. Like I said, simple but elegant.

So simple. So fun.

And then I realized: the 20 blocks made by the pattern made for a fairly giant baby quilt.IMG_0865

The blocks finish at 13 inches. Setting them 4×5 means a 52″ by 65″ quilt (which I would have known had I paid attention to the pattern!) Big for any baby, even one that is now a toddler. But if I made 4 more blocks, I could make TWO quilt tops, set at 3×4 blocks each! So I did… each quilt got an extra robot block, and an extra blue/green spiral block.

I pieced one top with a sort of pattern to the block layout, and the other just by how much I liked the blocks…

Can you see the pattern I tried to pull off? And which one do you like better?

Now to find some backing fabric, baste, and quilt them. I think I may also quilt them slightly differently- a perfect opportunity to experiment!

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13 responses to “WIP Wednesday: a 2fer

  1. i think they are both quite nice….

  2. I think these both look great!

  3. Those are such cute fabrics! I love little robots and things. Great quilts!

  4. They are both great but I kind of like the second one best. Good luck moving on to the next step!

  5. Mika

    They’re both great, but my eye is more drawn to the bottom one. Because you lined up warm colors with warm and greens with green (etc.) along the diagonals, the diagonal movement of the block pattern itself is even stronger.

  6. Cute! I like the 2nd one – for me it might be the flames toward the center that my eye was drawn to.

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