Sticks and Stitches 2013, or, How the Avs REALLY broke the Blackhawks’ Streak…

Last night was the long awaited 2013 Sticks and Stitches game at the Colorado Avalanche. Whee! I went with some yarn loving colleagues, and when a friend couldn’t use her ticket at the last minute due to a family emergency, I let Annie come along. I told her that as she was taking a knitter’s seat, she had to give knitting another chance. She agreed! We dug some snazzily colored but cheap yarn out of my stash, and I got her started on a scarf…

By chance, the Sticks and Stitches game was Avs vs Blackhawks. If you’re not a hockey person, you may not know that the Hawks were 21 games into what is considered one of the most amazing winning streaks, ever. The Avs aren’t exactly having a stellar season, nor did they have one last year. They lost to the Hawks in the last seconds of a game earlier this week. It was shaping up to be an uuuugly night for Avs fans. Not to mention, there were an ungodly number of Chicago fans in the arena, and many of them arrived drunk and mean- and only got more so as the evening progressed. I was having some flashbacks to the years when I lived mere blocks from Fenway Park, and would practically have to hide in a bunker when the Yankees came to town…

We made our way to our seats in the reserved Sticks and Stitches section. There was some confusion, as the group had a table full of awesome freebies from Interweave, but they had been made to set up on a different level from the reserved section. Why? Who knows- it was chaos last night.

And then there was the game. It was insane. We ended the first period tied, with some hope for Avs fans.


And then, the second period. Back to back goals, and then two more, and we were up 5-1. It was so exciting that many of the knitters in our section put the knitting down in order to pay even more attention to the game! I had held off on working on my socks all week so I’d be at a good mindless knitting point for the game, and I didn’t even make it all the way through the final 8 round repeat!


Annie screamed herself literally hoarse. (It’s a really good thing we’re skipping her acting class today due to weather- her teacher would kill me for sending her in such a state!)

And then… we won. And we didn’t just win, we won 6-2. We didn’t just end the streak, we annihilated it.


And the only reason I can think of is because knitters and crocheters were representing. What else could it possibly be?



Regardless, it was a fun night out with friends and Annie and fiber and hockey. And now I’ve got a snowy Saturday ahead of me where I can actually focus on finishing that sock… What are your plans today?


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  1. Don’t really understand ice hockey, but yay for your team winning!! 🙂

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