WIP Wednesday: Sugar Block I & II, Forget Me Not



Friday brought us March, which, weather-wise here in Denver has already shown both its lion and lamb sides. Saturday: gorgeous, sunny, in the 60s. Monday: icy cold, blowing snow…

The 1st day of March also means a new Sugar Block Club pattern. If you’re not in the club, you’re in for a treat as Amy made this month’s block (Forget Me Not) available for all, for free on her blog! She even posted the monthly recipe 🙂

On Saturday afternoon, I was planning to go to Fancy Tiger for the monthly Sugar Block sewing session, but, it was cancelled at the last minute. I was all ready for an afternoon of sewing, so I hid in my sewing room and cranked out not one but TWO Forget Me Not blocks!



This block was by far the simplest so far. It went together very very easily. As always, I had a horrible time picking out fabric. In the end, I’m a bit unhappy with this one- the outer dark teal is actually a Kaffe Aboriginal Dot, but it reads solid from a distance of more than a foot. Boo.

Even though this block was simpler, I still busted out what are rapidly becoming my 3 best friends:

IMG_0816 IMG_0813

Heavy spray starch, a super hot iron, and lots and lots of pins. Lots of em.

I ended up with this.



See what I mean about that outer fabric? I don’t dislike it enough to piece another block, so it’s staying.

This one was so nice and easy, I did the second one, for my mom’s super secret xmas quilt (shhhh!) right away. I am much happier with how the fabrics turned out in this one, even of they don’t photograph as well as I’d like. The inner squares are actually a gorgeous deep eggplant color, but they look brown.

IMG_0821 IMG_0831 IMG_0825


This is my favorite color combo in the second quilt so far. I do wish I had thought to cut that center square on a diagonal, but it works. And the Kaffe shot cottons and wovens tend to be a looser weave, so even with spray starch, it might have been rough to work with that much bias.

Now that I have my monthly blocks done, before even a week of the month is up, I can move on to another project. There’s quite a few babies that I neglected last year during my year of no mojo… Time to get a-sewin’ for them all.


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10 responses to “WIP Wednesday: Sugar Block I & II, Forget Me Not

  1. OK! Fauiltless Heavy Starch is the best. thing. ever. It’s especially a lifesaver when you’re working on the bias. I’m glad I’m not the only one in love with heavy starch 😉 Thanks for stopping by WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!

  2. I love this block – and the center fabric on the first one is awesome. That starch looks legit – maybe that’s what I need for some of my piecing woes….

  3. The blocks look great. I even like the teal…

  4. A very productive sewing session, congratulations.

  5. I never used starch before and did have some struggles. Now since Amy Gibson’s and Leah Day’s comments and explanations from Craftsy classes, I LOVE starch–helps so much! It sure gives you a reason to look forward to the new month, doesn’t it–and you feel so good when you finish a block. . and another. . .

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