WIP Wednesday: Sugar Block I, North Star

A few weeks ago, Annie brought The Crud home from school. Then Rich caught it. I thought, after 2 weeks, that I was safe, but it turns out I thought wrong. I spent much of the last week in bed, run down and sick and achy and blergh. And not sewing at all. I did finish a pair of socks, and rip out and restart and then nearly finish my tunisian cowl, but I could do all that flat on my butt in bed.

I got some of my energy back, and tackled some more paper piecing- back to my own Sugar Block quilt, the February block… North Star.IMG_0665

This one only called for 3 fabrics. It’s always hard for me to show restraint, so I went through a few choices before I settled on that combo. My energy was so low that it took me two days to make one block. The first day was all about cutting, and sewing (sans thread) through the paper pieces to make them easier to remove later.


Yesterday was all about the sewing.


Thankfully I learned from my mistakes on my first go round with this block and I sewed the correct colors onto the correct pieces. So THIS block got the solid center I intended for the first one…


I also seem to have done a better job of lining up my points. They’re still far from perfect, but not as noticeably off as the first block… Maybe I should start a 3rd quilt, because 3rd time’s a charm? Just kidding! I do have some other sewing plans, though, even if they don’t include a 3rd sugar block… Just need to get my energy back to tackle it.


Linking up with WIP Wednesday over at Lee’s Freshly Pieced. Also, I’m trying super hard not to be insanely jealous of everyone who’s headed to QuiltCon this week. Anyone else out there feeling left behind? Let’s cheer each other up…


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12 responses to “WIP Wednesday: Sugar Block I, North Star

  1. pretty pretty block!! you know i haven’t always been a purple person but as i mature into a lady of substance (hee hee i love the ring to that) purple is growing on me! i have purple rimmed glasses frames, i love to write with purple pens and i need to built my purple fabric stash. i bet you have lots of purple!

    • LOL, I love that you are “maturing” into purple! I always feel like my love of it shows that I am still immature… 😉 And yes, I do have just a wee bit of purple into my stash!


  2. Great block! I love the color combo. I am also sad about QuiltCon. I’d love to see everything. Ill have to love vicariously through the blog world.

  3. I thought this block was rather tricky, and used my seam ripper far too much, I did however figure out a way to line up those seams more effectively, I did blog about it too, maybe you’d like to see at http://marelize-ries.blogspot.com/2013/02/sugar-block-club-bom-february-north-star.html

  4. Your block is lovely, and I love the fabrics you chose. Is the light purple sparkly? It almost looks so in the last photo.

    I happened to be in Austin last weekend for a wedding, and I was so sad that they didn’t get married this weekend so that I could also make Quiltcon!

    • The light purple IS sparkly, but it’s hard to photograph so that shows. I’m glad you could see it. A little of bit of sparkle always makes me happy!

      I can’t believe the wedding you went to was so close, and yet so far, from QuiltCon! What a bummer- but I hope you had a great time anyway!


  5. Nice block. Great use of the Kaffe Fassett fabric.

  6. Yes! I wish I was at Quilt Con…. Oh Well. Maybe next time!

    That’s a lovely block 🙂

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