Mondo Mania

Last year, my friend Amber and I splurged for VIP tickets to the Goodwill Good Exchange for Change Fashion Show and Swap, featuring Mondo Guerra… and it was amazing! You can checkout my fangirl night here, if you’re so inclined- and see my photo with Mondo himself!

This year, we decided VIP was out of our price league, and decided to take our daughters (as well as Amber’s mom), both huge Project Runway and Mondo fans, to the event. I have to say, I think we were spoiled by VIP last year 😦 VIP meant a pre-reception with drinks and yummy treats, goody bags, and of course meeting the PR stars and a photo op with them, and finally not having to deal with the main entrance. Last night, we had to deal with parking challenges (the last free valet spot went to the car in front of us, and we ended up parking on an unlit side street), bottleneck crowds (setting up the silent auction items and bidding right in front of only entrance was a bad idea), a 40 minute line for light appetizers (Annie and I gave up and stopped for fast food on the way home), and finally, no chance to get near the designers (which we knew going in, but we didn’t realize we’d chosen to stand in a spot where we’d only see the backs of their heads!)


From left to right, that’s Uriel Moreno (last year’s event winner), Michael Costello, Peach Carr, and Mondo Guerra. You can totally tell, right?

The fashion show portion of the event was fun- high school students, after guidance from Mondo, have $25 to shop at Goodwill and repurpose their materials into an awesome new design. Seeing the creativity of the kids is really fun- and was definitely the best part of the night. The emcees nearly managed to  ruin it, though, as they spent the entire time making inane jokes about spanks, weight, and pms. Because that’s the only kind of humor a crowd full of mostly women can appreciate? Ugh.

The truly lovely Fallene Wells of PR Season 9 put together a collection of adorable looks from Goodwill’s high end local shop, deja blue… If you’re local, totally consider going to her for a haircut- she’s awesome. I speak from experience 🙂

There was also a show of two local designers who specialize in repurposing, and it was pretty mediocre. I’m not a fan of doing odd things to clothes just because you can- like the suspenders attached to the calves of one set of men’s pants. If you’re going to try that twee stuff, your construction should be impeccable, or at least good. And it wasn’t.

Grumble, grumble, I know. After all the fashion, there was the clothing swap. For the 3rd year in a row, I didn’t participate. Never sure they’ll have anything in my size, and this year, I had to get Annie home on time- school night and all.

Even though I am crabby, SHE had a wonderful time, and I tried not to let my annoyance with the insipid emcees or the poor crowd management ruin her night…
Since she couldn’t meet Mondo, she posed for a photo next to his piece for the silent auction, in her Mondo shirt.

I’m glad we went because she had a blast, but, if we ever do it again, we save to splurge on VIP tickets.

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