WIP Wednesday: Sugar Block II, North Star

February has arrived, and with it, the February block and recipe from the Sugar Block Club! I sadly couldn’t make it to the sew-along at Fancy Tiger this month, but that didn’t stop me from starting in on the block.

This month’s installment is called North Star, and is paper pieced. I have to admit, I have not done any paper piecing in years and years, so I did have to slow down and think…which is admittedly not always my strength.


If you look at the photo above, and at my finished block below, you can see proof of that fact!



Did you catch my wee giant mistake?

Yup, I pieced my colors incorrectly- I intended the brown to the the center, but I mixed up my C & D sections and put the wrong colors on each. I decided it would be easier to redo the center block, and so I reversed my color plan.

Even WITH paper piecing, my seams aren’t (even close to) perfect. UGH.

Maybe when I have time to try again, for my other version of this quilt, I’ll do a bit better?

Linking up with Freshly Pieced Lee over at WIP Wednesday.



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10 responses to “WIP Wednesday: Sugar Block II, North Star

  1. I love your mistake, I think it makes for a more interesting block. I must admit I seem to learn more from my mistakes than my triumphs… so it is a good think I make so many mistakes!.

  2. I finished my block today, and I really struggled!! I want to write a blog post too about it how I MADE those seams match. Hope you will check in in a few days. (Visiting from WIP Wednesdays)

  3. Paper piecing is no fun. Mistakes are tragic, but you did great job working around it.

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one that has a problem matching up seams with paper pieced blocks! This block looks fun, though I bet it was a pain to piece! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for coming by today! I think I’ve now remembered why I hadn’t paper pieced in so long- not fun! I do appreciate it for when you want to work with lots of fiddly, pointy bits… but I still don’t enjoy it. -Samantha

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