Tunisian on Ice

Right before we headed to the mountains last week, and I do mean RIGHT before, I took a class at Fancy Tiger on how to do Tunisian crochet in the round- to make a gorgeous cowl.


The cowl was designed by the fabulous Cat specifically to show off some amazing yarn- Nightfall by FibroFibers. The yarn slowly changes from color to black over the course of the entire skein. I chose Cyan- such an amazing blue- but I might also have a skein of Hot Pink hidden away for a rainy day.


After a false start (twisted my loop, ugh), I got going for real. I crocheted all the way up the mountain while Rich drove- what a great husband!


I’ve been working on the cowl, a pair of socks, and squares for my afghans, so I haven’t made as much progress as I would have liked. Saturday, I took the cowl with me to my first Avs game of the season. Still haven’t forgiven them for the strike, but I am glad to see them play… especially when we win!


You can just begin to see tiny pops of black in the blue… Today I hit the point with loads of black, but also noticed my tension really loosened up. I may rip back to just about what you see in the photo. Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with me and my adorable little hockey fans…


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