WIP Wednesday: Sugar Block II

A few weeks back, I spent an entire Saturday in my sewing room, truly straightening it up for the first time in at least a year. It felt pretty amazing to get it organized- and it looks pretty darn good, if I do say so myself…IMG_0471 IMG_0475

And you can’t even see the yarn! But it’s in plastic storage bins and drawers and almost all actually fits in the closet.

The con of doing all this hard work? I kind of don’t ever want to sew again, because that means messing up all my hard work…

The pro? I found lots of treasures, including a 4 pack of batik FQs I got in a grab bag, and all of my fabulous solid stacks from the now defunct Pink Chalk Fabrics Solids club- the current version involves prints as well. Anyway! There was a very autumnal batch, not my cup of tea (lots of brown and yellow) that would work with those batiks… And I’d been meaning to make my mom a new quilt for her “new” (year old now) couch anyway… So I started pulling and playing… And came up with this.


It’s an eclectic mix… the batiks, the solids, some Kaffe stripes and one print, and a two other very random pulled from stash pieces (the purple one has elephants on it!), on a slightly off white back.

What to do with them? Well, that choice was easier! I decided to make a 2nd Sugar Block quilt. I feel like I can commit to 2 blocks a month, and hopefully that means I’ll have an xmas gift for my mom by the time all the blocks are released. So, if you know her, shhh!

I got started today…


My seam ripper got a serious workout, as I sewed on 2 of the flying geese units backward. Go, me. Nothing like staying super humble.

All in all, I think it came out okay… Perhaps working on these blocks all year will help me improve my precision. I did bust out the spray starch today, and I do think it helped.



Since I’m finally sewing again on a semi-regular basis, I thought I’d link up over at WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced– maybe if I can get blogging and chatting with others again, I’ll sew even more? It’s worth a shot…


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4 responses to “WIP Wednesday: Sugar Block II

  1. I have the same problem when all my stuff is cleaned up and organized! I never want to touch it and mess it up! Of course now it is in piles everywhere again….already 🙂 Also, your block looks lovely!

  2. I am seriously jealous of your stash, and I love this quilt. Flying geese are my downfall – and they usually always give my seam ripper a workout! Loved looking around your blog, and I find that blogging and “chatting” help me finish too 🙂

    • Thanks for coming to visit! I both love AND am ashamed of my stash… I have been quilting since my undergrad days, and hoarding fabric nearly as long. Then there was the 5 year period where I off and on worked at an LQS… pretty much converted that paycheck into fabric…

      Having the goal of posting work on a blog again is keeping me sewing- and having commentors to chat with is great, too!


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