In happy and exciting news, we might have need of our passports later this year. Whee! That means we need to locate them, and it turns out, that’s much harder than we thought. Rich and I are both certain we put them in the computer desk drawer… but they’re not there. Nor are they anywhere else we looked. Good thing we’ve got until August to solve this problem.

On the bright side, we did find some other things. First, our lovely santa hats that I made back in 2009… Remember? They were in our Xmas cards for 2010 and 2011…

dc xmasDSC_0008-3

But not in 2012… because I couldn’t find them. Turns out we put them under the basket full of old picture frames on the bookshelf in the corner of our bedroom. Yeah, that made sense.

When scouring the sewing/computer room for the passports, guess what my mazing husband found?
My walking foot! I had been convinced that it would not turn up until I broke down and bought a new one. It would have been much more helpful at that moment had it actually been our passports, but, I’m thrilled to have it back!

You know why? Because today I did this…

Which means that I can finally finish THIS!

I didn’t get very far, but, it’s still more than I have done in months! It might actually be safe to say that this quilt will finally be done in time for Xmas 2013, but I make no promises.

After all, it appears I’m going to have to spend a lot of time searching for our passports…


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