It’s a finish. (Almost.)

I’ve been working on this shawl for what feels like forever, but Ravelry tells me has not even been 5 full weeks. In that time, I also knit 2 santa hats for some adorable little cousins of mine…

ImageThen I completed not one but two scarves that look like bacon, one for each of my own kiddos…

Image(You can visualize the exact same scarf on Henry, right?)

And I have finished 1.25 socks from the December 2012 Cookie A Sock Club Kit. (Look back to New Years if you need a refresher…)

But even though I accomplished all that, I still felt miserable about how long this shawl was taking. It seemed like the last 20 rows took an hour each. I took this thing everywhere- to work, to play, to the movies (in case you were wondering, I LOVED The Hobbit, and enjoyed Les Mis…) and more.

And today, with the help of a 2 hour presentation at work, I was finally able to plow through the final rows of the border. I bound off once I got home… and I am done. Okay, I need to weave in the ends, and for sure to block it, but I don’t need to knit so much as one more stitch!  Whee! I’m free!

ImageIt’s not much to look at right now- this is one project that will truly benefit from a good blocking. But before I get to that, it needs a bath. In white vinegar. This yarn, La Lana Dos Mujeres purchased last year in Taos NM just days before the shop closed forever, bled like crazy. It turned my hands a horrid shade of purply-grey, and also left a nasty feeling residue on them. Yum. Not. I have high hopes that a good soaking in some vinegar water will cure the color bleeding, and a further soak in some Soak will cure the icky texture.

That soaking will happen some time this week, and then, the blocking. Meanwhile, I’ve got a 2nd sock to finish, a pair of mittens to cast on, and a crocheted afghan to complete.

(PS- Wondering what the pattern is? Geysir Stretch by Stephen West…)


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