It’s a Start…

It’s pretty clear that I’ve lost my quilting mojo. I did not finish a single quilt in 2012. Not one. I put in a valiant effort on my Modern Cross quilt, but honestly, it feels like the more I work on that thing, the more I have left to do. I started some wonderful blocks during an amazing class with the one and only Anna Maria Horner. And then I brought them home and didn’t do anything with them. I basted a christmas quilt top that had been sitting around for nearly a year, but then when I sat down to actually quilt it, I couldn’t find my walking foot anywhere. I suspect it’s run off to a new home where it will be appreciated and used. I did manage to finish one large sewing project, albeit not a quilt. I finished a lovely duvet cover for our bed. It was pieced, so that’s kind of like a quilt, right?

In an effort to jumpstart my quilting, I signed up for the Sugar Block Club. It’s a block and recipe of the month club, created by a fabulous local quilter of Craftsy fame. The big bonus is that, while people all over the country (world?) are in the club, Amy is indeed local, and there’s a monthly sewing session for each block at Fancy Tiger. That means 2 hours a month devoted to sewing. And while that may not seem like much, it’s a start…

I was shocked by how much fun I had picking out fabric. I waited until nearly last minute, Friday night, and was feeling at a loss. Because I only have a mini quilt shop’s worth of fabric stashed away… sheesh. I started poking around, and then remembered a wonderful bundle of 8 Kaffe FQs that I won a long while back from Pink Chalk Fabrics.

Prized Pieces

I’ve been hoarding saving them for months, and I realized it was time to use them I added in a few more Kaffes and a bunch of solid, and threw in a sparkly lavender background fabric for good measure. You can’t tell from this photo, but the background fabric is shot through with silvery sparkles.

Sugar Block club BOM, January 2013... Class at Fancy Tiger

Today was the first session. It was so much fun. Amy is lovely- we’ve met once or twice before but this was the first time I really got to chat with her. The block pattern is easy to follow and well written. And Amy even brought samples of the January treat recipe, banana whoopie pies, that were delicious.

Sugar Block club BOM, January 2013... Class at Fancy Tiger

But best of all- I actually made the block.

Sugar Block club BOM, January 2013... Class at Fancy Tiger

I realize making one block is not exactly a huge accomplishment (especially one block with an extremely wonky side), but hey, one wonky block is still a start. I’m going to use the poster on the wall at Fancy Tiger as my motto, at least for quilting, in 2013:

Sugar Block club BOM, January 2013... Class at Fancy Tiger

Wish me luck! Hopefully I’ll see you back here soon, and with some progress to boot…


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4 responses to “It’s a Start…

  1. It’s a lovely block. I think the fabric choices are inspired.

  2. You can’t go wrong with Kaffe!

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