Like daughter, like mother…

A few weeks back, Annie took a class at Fancy Tiger and made her first ever skirt.

This weekend, with one of my fave people in the world along for the ride, I did the exact same thing.

Skirt time!

Much like when Annie graduated from preschool a mere week before I received my Masters, my achievement is a bit more impressive, but because she got there first, she’ll never believe it.  Her skirt is wonderful, but has an elastic waist. Mine? A zipper! An invisible one! My first ever, invisible or not!

I made an invisible zipper, but you can't see it because it's invisible!

Hmmm, I sound more like a 10 year old than she does. But I am pretty darn happy with my creation. I splurged on some pricey but fabulous Japanese fabric. I saw it and fell in love, and felt super original and artsy, until I realized I probably subconsciously picked it because it just happens to be the fabric used in the skirt featured on the website listing for the class. D’oh. Accidental copy cat, that’s me! Regardless, I love it. And I made mine longer than Jaime’s, so I’ ll hopefully look like less of a stalker. (And also because I really enjoyed the length…)

Me, in my new skirt!

Have you ever sewn clothing?What’s your favorite piece to make? And do you have any to die for tips for a newbie?

This was my first foray into the field- and I kind of bought fabric for two more skirts already. It was like the universe was telling me to- an email from Purl SoHo arrived in my inbox tonight, featuring 50% off of some of my favorite Japanese prints. Hopefully, there will be a mushroomy skirt as well as a london-themed one in my near future!


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4 responses to “Like daughter, like mother…

  1. Julie

    Look at you all fancy! I loooove that fabric, and although I only know you from this blog, I think I can say with some authority that that skirt is totally YOU.

    Thanks for the link to the sale at Purl. I snagged some of the giant bees I’ve been lusting for, and at that price I could get enough to make a dress. I don’t make much clothing, but this year I’m clenching my jaw and really committing to it; I want cute (and weird) stuff that fits, and sewing may well be the only way to get it. (So far this spring, one top made, one cut out, and now this bee dress on deck!)

    I made a lot of clothes when I was a tween and teen, then abandoned it for quilting. Strangely, quilting has made me a much better sewer than I would otherwise have been. I now know the secret of pressing the bejesus out of a piece as I go, for example, which makes a huge difference in the way the finished garment looks.

    The best tip I can think of isn’t really a tip, just a piece of knowledge to carry around as you think about patterns. The secret is, they’re not MEANT to fit out of the envelope! Once I really understood that I was just going to have to alter patterns to fit my particular shape, it opened up a whole new way of thinking about sewing. It’s kind of a pain to do the initial alterations, but the advantage, duh, is that the finished garment FITS, in a way off-the-rack stuff hasn’t in years.

    Happy sewing! Congratulations on your great finish. Can’t wait to see what else you make.

    • Julie, I’m so glad you found happiness through the Purl sale 🙂 Looking forward to see the dress you make with the bees!

      Thanks for the tip about alterations. I think, honestly, that is what has kept me from attempting clothes for so long. Even when tracing a line to adjust the hem on my skirt, I couldn’t handle doing it freehand, and fabulous teacher Christina had to whip out a special hip ruler thingy for me to use. The other 4 students didn’t need it… I’m going to move forward slowly and with simple projects to help build my confidence.

      And slowly I will build a wardrobe of amazing funkiness and style.


  2. Love the skirt! Fabric is stunning. I have made some small baby stuff, I have a pattern for a skirt sitting waiting for my pins and other sewing supplies to arrive. I bought some wax fabric in Zambia that I’m hoping to turn into a skirt if I can follow the pattern…

    • I can’t wait to see your Zambian skirt! Hopefully the wait for your supplies won’t be too much longer?

      Also, hopefully the comment means your internet access has improved?


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