Sadness, and some sewing too.

I’m posting today through a lot of sadness. Yesterday we had to put Ursa, our 13 year old chow mix, to sleep. Sometime between Friday and Monday she developed an infection that raged through her system so quickly, it led to seizures and loss of ability to control her legs. The vet was not able to offer us any hope, and as Ursa was clearly in agony, we made the tough choice. Ursa was part of our family before we had the kids, and last night was pretty awful for everyone.

Before all of this happened, I had some sewing time. I finally decided which fabrics to remove from my stack (thanks to everyone who offered advice) and cut out all the pieces for the duvet cover’s top. Since they’re huge pieces, sewing them together took very little time. It would have taken even less if, when cutting the 12″ by 34″ pieces, I had remembered that 17 (not 16) was half of 34. I had to go back and add bits to all of those pieces to get  them up to size. D’oh.

duvet cover, top

duvet cover, top

Looking at it now, I might have made different fabric choices. I love the green, but it may pop too much. And as much as I love the hairdo fabric, I might have used only ONE 23″x23″ square of it instead of two… But overall, I quite like it.

Next up is piecing the back, the sewing on contrast strips and making ties… The kids and I took today off from work and school to be sad, and I’m too sad to sew.

Meanwhile, I’m linking up at
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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