A Fan Girl’s Night Out

Longtime readers of this and my old blog will know I love Mondo. I’ve been a Project Runway fan for years- it was my “gateway” reality TV show. And when Denver was finally represented by a designer, at first I was bummed- Mondo seemed so quiet in the first few episodes.And then he broke out from the pack, both with his amazing pattern mixing, and his moving personal story.

And a fan girl was born… I nearly gave up on the show when they awarded top honors to “Retchin Gretchen”. Many others felt the same way, and the blogosphere has long speculated that the Project Runway Allstars was created to right the wrong inflicted on Mondo in Season 8.

In 2011, Annie and I got to (briefly) meet the man himself at an event to benefit the local branch of Goodwill.

we met mondo!

That was when her love of him began. Now, she’s a fan girl to rival me, but I digress.

You may remember just a few weeks ago, I went to the 2012 version of that same event, and met Mondo again, as well as Falene and Julie (both from Colorado AND Season 9…) (And no Annie this time as the tickets were a bit too pricey.)

me and mondo, fallene, and julie

And last night…I went to Mondo Bazarro, the finale viewing party here in Denver, hosted by Mondo, to benefit another great local non-profit, the Colorado Aids Project. The event was carnival themed, with goofy games to play, fab decor, and a scary inflated clown. Well, other folks didn’t find it scary, but after reading It, I’ve never been able to look at clowns the same way. Here are some great photos of the event from The Denver Post– and here is a facebook photo including the scary clown.

If we’d sprung for the VIP tickets, there would have been mingling and schmoozing and Mondo cupcakes.

(Photo cribbed shamelessly from HERE.) I admit, had I known about the cupcakes, I might have paid for the VIP tix ๐Ÿ˜‰ But the $10 general admission price was wallet-friendly, and so, along with my friend Amber and her very fun mom, off I went! (The event was 18+, so Annie and Amber’s little one were once again left behind.)

We bought some shirts. We played some games (the ducky matching worked best for me, but Amber rocked the Plinko.) We munched on the free Popchips– they sponsor Mondo and support CAP, so, hooray! We had some drinks, and scored some good viewing seats… And then we watched.

Project runway finale viewing party with mondo

And you know who won, right?

After the show was over the party rocked on. In the VIP viewing section were some other fabulous Project Runway alums, who graciously took photos with the hoi polloi. Recognize Season 9 winner Anya with her new blonde hair and engagement ring?

Amber, me, and anya at the mondo party

Or what about the adorable Casanova from Season 8?

Me, Casanova and amber at the mondo party

Do you watch Project Runway? What about any other reality TV? I will proudly admit to loving Ru-Paul’s Drag Race (tho not this season as much), and not as proudly admit that I’m a bit addicted to America’s Next Top Model. But PR is my fave!


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4 responses to “A Fan Girl’s Night Out

  1. Exciting times! Looks like a blast. My roommates and I couldn’t get enough of ANTM in college, but then my interest wanned for some reason. Now I love those TLC types, like Sister Wives, Toddlers and Tiaras, Hoarders. I don’t know why I like some of the more gross/horrifying ones… I just can’t look away! I also love a British show called Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and American Pickers ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think a lot of the shows are like car crashes- you don’t want to look, but when you do, you can’t stop… ๐Ÿ™‚ -Sam

      • Leslie Foster

        I never miss Project Runway – definitely my favorite. I stumbled on “Bigfoot Hunters,” which is a hoot – watching grainy photos and listening to vague sounds that can “only be a bigfoot.” And, I’ve seen previews for Deputy Butterbean, which I confess intrigues me. LOVE Tyra on ANTM, but couldn’t take the noise and nationalism of the Brits vs. the US this season.

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