A Year’s Worth of Cookies

2011 was the inaugural year for the Cookie A Sock Club– and I wiggled my way into a spot from the wait list. I was a tiny bit worried- the only other sock club I ever joined was the Rockin Sock Club. I didn’t always love the yarn or patterns, which is always the risk of a club. But, I’ve never knit a Cookie pattern I didn’t like, and, the club promised to be mainly solid-ish yarns. Surprisingly, given my penchant for buying wild and crazy sock yarns, this was very appealing to me. It actually does make sense- as I’ve been knitting more and more complicated socks, I’ve gone more toward simpler colors, as they let my hard work shine through.

What was my point? Oh, yeah… While I still have several intact, untouched kits from my Rockin Sock Club year, I finished a pair of socks from each of the 6 Cookie A shipments! And since each month had 2 patterns, in one month I even made 2 pairs!

I loved the club so much that when 2012 signups opened, I forked over my payment immediately. My first shipment was delayed by the USPS, and so I just finally got around to winding the yarn for the first pair of 2012. But before I move on, it seemed like a good idea to show off the fruits of 2011! Tonight my awesome husband rigged up a faux-clothesline for me, so I could take some decent photos.

Without further ado, I present to you…my 2011 Cookie A Sock Club finishes!


February: Ripple Leaf

Ripple Leaf

April: Boysenberry Yo (my favorite yarn of the year)

boysenberry yo

June: Orange Pekoe (my favorite pattern of the year)

Orange Pekoe

August: Velma


October: Slide


December: Rambutan


Once more…just because

A year's worth of Cookies

I’ve got to fly next week (taking the kids to see my grandma, who is 96 and in failing health), so I bet I’ll be able to show you the first Cookie A socks of 2012 soon… Stay tuned!



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9 responses to “A Year’s Worth of Cookies

  1. The socks are fabulous! I love the orange ones.

  2. Great sock display! I’m also a huge Cookie A. fan. I’m thinking next year I’m definitely going to try and secure a spot.

  3. Great post. I too am part of the Cookie A sock club. I haven’t knit all of the socks yet, but I have knit more than any other club. I love her patterns.


    • Karin, thanks for coming by. I admit, I’m a cookie sock pattern addict. Her patterns are always so easy to follow, and so gorgeous when done!

      Thank you for coming by!


  4. I love it! As an Indy Dyer mysel, I love to see the creative juices flowing from knitters as they use their yarn! Fabulous job!!!

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