WIP Wedneday, Complete with Lousy Cell Phone Photo

I am continuing to plug away at my Modern Cross quilt (link will take you to archive of previous posts w much much better photos!)- and I’ve hit the point where I need to make a few decisions.

Wip wednesday

At last count I’ve made 54 squares. And since I finally bit the bullet and did the math on increasing from the pattern’s lap size into my desired queen size, I know that I am just barely halfway done. (PS Let me give a hearty shout out of thanks to Pink Chalk Fabrics for including a great wallet sized quilt size chart in one of my orders… SO useful!)

So, at the halfway point, it’s time to decide- can I repeat fabrics in any of the squares, or do I need to come up with 100 different fabrics? I do really truly adore some of the fabrics, so using them twice would be fun. But then again, coming up with 100 different fabrics almost entirely from stash also seems fun. Nightmare inducing, and also like publicly admitting just how much of a stash problem I have, but still fun.

What choice would you make?

(This is my first week joining the Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday. I’m hoping to make some new bloggy friends and dive back into the quilt blog world- I’ve missed it while I’ve been away… So please, if you are a new visitor, leave a comment so I can get to know you!)


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18 responses to “WIP Wedneday, Complete with Lousy Cell Phone Photo

  1. I totally agree with you that it would be fun to use a unique fabric for each cross! But from a practical standpoint, with a queen size it is difficult to see the whole quilt at once, so if you really like some of the fabrics you have already used, why not use them again? It just makes them more likely to be enjoyed from any given perspective. πŸ™‚

  2. kristinalp

    Oooh, that’s going to be really pretty! I think it would be so fun to try to find a different fabric for all 100 from your stash. But I like a challenge. πŸ˜€

  3. Sue

    It’s already looking so pretty! I’d go with repeating your fabrics for a lot of the same reasons as Robyn. You love them, right? And the whole thing will be less stress and quicker, so that you can get the quilt top finished in record time!

    • If “record time” means a year or so… LOL! I lost my sewing mojo for quite a while in 2011. But faster is better, in this case. I’m looking forward to using this new quilt.

      Thank you for coming by!

  4. Cecillia

    Ooh, so pretty. Love the colour palette you are using. Finding 100 different fabrics that would coordinate well would be a challenge…good luck! πŸ™‚

  5. Personally, I think duplicating some of the fabrics is a fine idea. With having to add another 100 crosses, your *real* challenge will be to sit and find the duplicates once it’s finished! It’s up to you, though. If you think you’ve got 100 additional fabrics in your stash and scrap bin, then go for it!
    (And bring it to the next Front Range MQG meeting on April 21st to show it off! πŸ™‚ )

    • Melissa, thank goodness I only need about 50 more blocks! 100 more might kill me… Great point that finding the dupes will be a challenge.

      I can’t make the April Front Range MQG meeting 😦 We’re celebrating my daughter’s birthday that day with tea at the Brown Palace and tickets to Wicked- a good excuse, but I wish the dates had worked out better…

      Thanks for coming by my blog!


  6. Wow, that’s a good looking quilt! I love purple and green together πŸ™‚

  7. You can totally repeat fabrics. Love your progress so far.

  8. Thank you, Rachel. I think I am leaning toward repeating my faves… The feedback has been really helpful.

  9. Rebecca

    Loooove your modern crosses! I’m hoping to make one myself someday. I also love knitting socks and Mondo, clearly we have similar tastes! Looking forward to seeing more!

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