By the time I finish this quilt top, I’ll have to change the name from “Modern Cross” to “Ancient History”.

Now that I put the borders on the final Christmas top, I can move forward. But I still can’t start a completely new project, what with 30 some odd Modern Cross blocks done, but many more to go.

I was all set to spend Monday sewing and watching Contagion, but my desktop dvd drive died. So I streamed a few episodes of Buffy (getting closer to the end now), and finished 6 more blocks. I have to say, it felt great to get these blocks and their new buddies up on the design wall…

more modern cross blocks

I was even able to start the next 6 before having to move on. And I finally found a place to use some of the very, um, unique fabric I picked up several years back. That one little FQ has been waiting quite a while for just the right project. I’m thinking you can guess which one I mean?

the start of the next 6 blocks

Yeah, that one… ;-P Do you have any naughty or truly ridiculous fabrics in YOUR stash? What about novelties in general? I am a sucker for a cute or funny or retro novelty print, and I’ve been trying to work a bunch of them into these blocks. There are already skulls with scissors, owls, hedgehogs, mushrooms, arabian knights, and I’m only halfway done!

Overall I’m still really loving this quilt, but it needs more purple. My original plan was to make it mainly purple, with some blue and green crosses. It looks more blue than I had intended. I picked up a few more pieces of purple fabric at the Snappy Quilts 1st birthday sale yesterday. Because I need more fabric like I need more yarn.

Which is to say, not at all.

I couldn’t spend the entire day sewing, however, because I had to pick the kiddos up from school, and then take Annie to pick up something new and exciting:

She got glasses

She’s thrilled- Henry, Rich and I have been long time members of Club Foureyes, and now she feels included. I think she looks darling. We got 2 pairs at Costco, as I assume one will be lost or broken before too long…



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4 responses to “By the time I finish this quilt top, I’ll have to change the name from “Modern Cross” to “Ancient History”.

  1. The quilt is coming along nicely! Annie looks fabulous in her new glasses. Welcome to the club, kid!

    • Thanks, Ellen šŸ™‚ She’s ridiculously happy w her glasses, which is so funny as we had to really work w Henry too get him not to hate his. but he was so little- only a kindy- when he got his… -Sam

  2. Julie

    Sam, I love your blog and your work, and I’m always thrilled to see another quilt post.

    …And I just realized that sentence sounds exactly like an auto-generated chunk of comment spam. But it is sincerely meant!

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