Christmas in March…

It’s another one of those posts where I go on and on about how I never seem to sew anymore, but when I finally do, it feels wonderful.

Yeah, I know, I’ve said it all before.

Remember that last crazy burst of sewing back in November and December? When I attempted to crank out 2 complete quilts before Xmas, and failed? And then didn’t sew anything for (mumble mumble) months?

I finally put the borders on the second quilt. And then took a lousy cell phone photo to prove it.

March seemed like a good time to finish the xmas quilt...

I did learn one thing about myself. It turns out that the clutter in my sewing room stops me from sewing. On Monday, I cleaned up a bit (read: moved stuff from one room to another so I could pretend I dealt with the problem.) And then, lo and behold, I found my sewing mojo. I felt totally ready to tackle a new project, or at least pick up my modern cross squares again, but I decided to behave and put the borders on the animal quilt. Now that that’s done, I can move on.

But to what?

How about you? Can you work when your space gets cluttered, or do you need order?



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8 responses to “Christmas in March…

  1. Looks lovely! Even in a cell phone photo πŸ˜‰
    Oh I can definitely work in a space that is cluttered. Then again, I’m a knitter, so all I need is my lap. That being said, I have a breaking point, and once I reach it I can’t rest (or do any crafting) until all the clutter is gone.

    • Thanks for the compliment πŸ™‚

      I wonder if part of why I have been so much more of a knitter and crocheter than a quilter over the last year is because I don’t need to clean up to knit?

  2. I am *really* good at ignoring clutter…as long as I can find the cats I think I’m ok, LOL. But a clean workspace is so refreshing!

  3. It looks great. Clutter messes with my mojo. I TRY to pack away as I go, but that doesn’t always happen…

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