Pinterest FTW

I’m late to the Pinterest party, but boy of boy, am I addicted now that I have joined!

Follow Me on PinterestYou can check out my obsessive pinning if you’d like…

The amount of crafty inspiration I’m gleaning from searching through other’s pins is wonderful. Last night, I taught myself a new Tunisian crochet technique via fabulous page of free tutorials I repinned…  My Crochet Goodness board is bursting at the seams with tutorials for things like flat seams.  See what I did there?

There’s also sewing ideas, knitting related goodness, and funny things that tickle my geeky fancy.

Of course, the number of fabulous new ideas I’ve seen over the last few weeks could be dangerous. Like when I used to subscribe to the New York Times Book Review- and managed to read all about the new books out there, but not to actually read the books themselves… In my head, I have cast on several shawls, and pulled fabric for multiple new quilts. And planned the ultimate Angry Birds birthday for Henry. In reality, not so much any of that!



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2 responses to “Pinterest FTW

  1. knitterarian

    Thanks for this! I literally have “make pinterest account” on my list of things to do tonight, and you’ve got some good tips here. So excited! Though between that, my blog, Twitter, and tumblr, it could be the end of me… 😦

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