So very very close…

At the end of 2010, I decided to try to learn how to crochet (again.) I dabbled a bit before that, a scarf here, a hat there, but I never felt comfortable with the craft. Certainly not comfortable enough to read a pattern and make something on my own!

And then I saw Cat’s amazing afghan. Cat’s a teacher at Fancy Tiger, and she came up with this awesome sampler afghan- which then became a full year class. Starting January 2011, meeting once a month to master a different block. The class was free with the purchase of all the yarn up front. I signed up, and talked an acquaintance into joining me. Best decision ever. The casual acquaintance has become a valued friend, and I’m finally more comfortable with crochet. (Still working on reading patterns, though!)

Here’s where I started:

Can YOU spot the afghan in this photo?

(I ended up adding some more blue and green over the course of the year.)

I decided to make each month’s block twice to better cement the concepts into my little brain. And now, just over a year later, I have 21 finished blocks! (I missed September’s class, and only made one of October’s…time to finish those up!)


21 of the 24 blocks for my 2011 Odyssey Afghan

Pretend they’re all perfectly square, okay? Once I finish the socks currently on my needles, I will tackle those 3 missing blocks, and then move on to sewing the whole mess together. And then a border. And then a year’s work will be done!

Meanwhile, I signed up for the 2012 class. 4 folks from last year did- we all loved it so much. The blocks will have some differences, and we’ll all get 2 hours a month of guaranteed hang-out-and-hook time! Let’s hope I can finish the 2011 blanket before I get too engrossed in the 2012 version…



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9 responses to “So very very close…

  1. Wow! This is so amazing. I am so inspired! Please follow my blog, I am new to the blogging scene and would love more followers! I will be posting crochet, and knit tutorials as well as baking tips and little quirks of my life! Please and thank you!!!

  2. digthatbird

    You can square them up with a little blocking… I never even thought to block my squares until I saw this post from Cozy Things:
    I love the colors!!

  3. Michelle P.

    Those colors are awesome!

  4. Oh, pretty! I dabbled in crochet before I found quilting. It’s not hard once you understand what the hell the patterns say. Someday, I’ll learn how to knit…

    • I find i can learn it visually from a teacher way better than from a book, hence the class being so awesome for me… if you still lived here, I’d teach you how to knit. Of course, I may need to give up and fly to NYC to see Book of Mormon, so I could stay with you and pay “rent” with lessons 😉

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