My Own Sticks n Stitches

Readers from my old blog may remember how shocked I was to discover that I am a hockey fan. I attended my first hockey game about 2 years ago, and hated it. It was a horrible game, more fighting than playing, and we were seated near some truly special individuals. I stomped around for days loudly wondering why anyone called this a sport, and swearing never to go to another game.

Until I got free tickets to another game. So I went, and loved it- this was a real game, not an excuse to fight on the ice, and it was awesome. And so Sam the Hockey Fan was born.

I’m trying to pass this fandom on to my offspring, so whenever we get a chance to go to a game, I try and take it. Just before Christmas we were gifted some 4th row(!) seats to a game, and what a game it was. Fabulous playing from both teams, neck and neck all the way through overtime and into a shoot-out- when the Avs finally won! A wonderful usher in our section hooked the kids up with actual official game pucks and they declared it the best night ever.  We took a cute pic of them with their pucks to remember the night…

They got game...pucks, that is!

And then I entered that pic in the Avs official Facebook Fan of the Game contest- and it won! Free tickets to another game- great seats- plus 2 official Fan of the Game Ts for the kids- and their winning photo up on the jumbotron!  And two very very happy kids!

my little winners

We took my mom with us- her first hockey game ever- and we may have converted her to fandom. Because it was a school night, we left after the 2nd period, which was apparently a bad choice as the 3rd period went to overtime and a victory for the Avs…

Meanwhile, can you guess what I did during the game?

can you see the sweater in this picture?

Miles of stockinette make this sweater, Carrot Cardigan by Hannah Fetig, the perfect take along project. I got a few inches done and didn’t miss a second of the action. I’ll take the sweater back with me on Feb 4th for the 2012 Sticks N Stitches Game- locals, you can get tix here. I’m trying to lure my entire 2012 afghan class with me… it will be a blast!  See you there?


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