It’s beginning to look a lot like (a) Christmas…sweatshop, that is…

Oi. What started as an impulse to actually use my multi-year, multicolored holiday fabric stash has turned into something nearing an obsession.

That loud xmas quilt? Top totally pieced. I would have sandwiched and quilted it, but I don’t seem to have the right backing fabric. A quick trip to JoAnns to look for something appropriately colorful and hopefully cheap resulted in a new crafty themed nutcracker and  some hello kitty and skeleanimal xmas fabric, and nothing else. Grr.

Since I couldn’t finish that quilt, what could possibly make more sense than to start ANOTHER holiday quilt? Earlier this year I bought some Alexander Henry holiday fabric that made me so very very happy.

Mod holiday fabric with alligators! (You can’t see the alligators in this swatch, ripped shamelessly from the interwebs… but they are there, see the tail?)

So I got out one of my favorite standby patterns, and went through my stash, and on Monday afternoon, I put this together.

xmas quilt 2

I fussy cut the centers of the blocks to show off the various animals. Tonight I realized I had enough scraps to whip out another row of blocks, so the quilt is going to be 6×7. Behold a lousy cellphone shot of the final layout:

Animalistic xmas quilt

At least, I think it’s the final layout. But, knowing me, it will get rearranged another 10 times. And it will have an outer border of the animal fabric, just because i cannot get enough of giraffes in scarves.

By the way, did I mention that I have stashed fabric for, um, 3, more xmas themed quilts? Just imagine how nuts I could go in the next few weeks.


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5 responses to “It’s beginning to look a lot like (a) Christmas…sweatshop, that is…

  1. nevermind the girraffes in scarves! i’m in love with the rhinos in wreaths! 🙂 This is a fabulous quilt. I so need to do one for our living room. I’ve bought fabric two years ago. Sad slow pathetic quilter me.

    • Laura, the words sad, slow and pathetic can NEVER be applied to you. EVER. You are an amazing and prolific quilter. And, if I told you how long part of my xmas stash has been gathering dust, you’d laugh so hard at me!

  2. I used a traditional version of that print in my very first ever quilt! Love it!! And, you could be ambitious and use some of your vast stash of holiday fabrics to piece a backing…just sayin’…

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