Only 3 DAYS later this time!

For real! Maybe I’m getting back into the groove. I spent a few hours Sunday in my sewing room- the second time in a week!

6 more bloacks- and they didn't even take 3 months!

I popped in a not terribly scary (but decently diverting) movie, and whipped out 6 more blocks! Hooray! Looking at this photo, I think I need to pull some more greens out of my stash. Can do. I still need a ton more of these blocks to get to queen size.

In family news…poor Rich just spent 6 straight work days stuck on jury duty- his first time serving. It was a painful trial with 2 full days of deliberations. He was freed at about 4:30pm today- and got home to find MY jury summons in the mail. Oh, the irony. I have been summoned twice and BOTH times ended up on juries. I do NOT want to do this again. Grrr. Perhaps the fact that I am donor and advocate for both Amnesty International and The Innocence Project will work in my favor? Cross your fingers…


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