3 months later…

finally, some progress

…I sewed again.

Yes, it’s really been 3 months (plus a few days) since I sewed a stitch.

That might be my longest dry spell in a few years. I have a whole pile of great excuses, the biggest being my attempts to clean and reorganize the sewing room. It was truly too messy to sew for a good portion of the last three months. But not the entire time. Part of it was missing my Sue. Part of it was getting to know Wally. Part of it was knitting too much. Part of it was summer- we do too much and overbook ourselves like mad. Part of it was a fabulous vacation.

wally is NOT amused

Okay, Wally’s not buying these excuses, either.  Let’s be honest.

Part of it was sheer laziness.

But we had an unexpected snow day here yesterday. I would have made R stay home with the kiddos, but he is stuck on jury duty and HAD to be there. I worked from home for a few hours, and then, popped a movie into the computer and reacquainted myself with my sewing machine. 1.5 hours later I had 5 new blocks. Not so impressive, but, a start.

The real question is, can I take this weak start and run with it?


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