My sweet Sue

goodbye, my sweet sue

This was my Sue, taken just 2 months ago.  He was on my bed, in a patch of sunlight- his favorite place to be.

He went to sleep this past Saturday night and didn’t wake up.

Sue was my best bud, a part of our family for 6 way too short years.  He came to us as a tough, wild kitten, and his full name was A Boy Named Sue- a tribute to that favorite musician of mine.  The kids and I went to a local shelter, and asked the staff to help us find a kitten that could handle life with a rambunctious 2 year old boy.  The first kitten they brought into the room took one look at Henry and wisely hid behind a piece of furniture.  Then, the staff brought in a little ball of white and orange fluff.  That fluffball surveyed the room, walked straight up to toddler Henry, and hopped into his lap.  And he was part of our family from that moment on.

After my dad died two years ago, Sue became my constant companion.  He was in whatever room I was in, but was happiest when he could join me to knit or read in bed.

Orange pekoe socks, all done!

A sleepy sue and my new socks...

And he liked to help me show off my FOs,  too.

I’m lost without him.

Before I go, here’s a great memory- Sue and Henry, about 3,5 years ago.
Sunday afternoon in the family room with a very good natured cat

He was a very very good cat.

Rest in peace, my Sue Sue.


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2 responses to “My sweet Sue

  1. You two were lucky to have each other! I’ve made a donation to my local SPCA in Sue’s name.

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