Blergh: The Update

My week has not gone as planned.

Monday, my primary care doctor authorized a surgery consult to remove my gallbladder, and scheduled me for a follow up ultrasound. I was not considered an emergency, so US was to be Tuesday and consult over a week later. I still felt like hell and was bummed to learn I might be stuck in the painful limbo for the foreseeable future. (Esp since she put me on clear liquid diet in the mean time.)

So Tuesday my mom drove me to the US appointment- I was feeling way too crappy to handle it, and also had been told to fast, so was on abt 13 hours w no food or water by that time.

US tech got quieter and quieter, and called my doctor immediately. Suddenly, I was on the way to the ER.


Turns out a gallstone had become stuck since my original ER trip and that was the reason I still felt so terrible. Also, it meant I was at high risk for infection and all sorts of other fun stuff. Signs of problems were developing.


It also meant I didn’t need to wait a week for a consult- my gallbladder was coming out that day.


Rich laughed when I wanted to instagram the process. But I was in too much pain to knit, and hand’t grabbed my iPad since I was planning on coming straight home and back to bed after the US. I did eventually manage to read- I’m about to finish book #4 since being admitted. So in the interim I did need a distraction.

We were finally taken  up to pre-op.


Because I was in between elective and true emergency, we waited quite a while. This gave me time to panic. I did a good job holding it together. The only other time I’ve ever had surgery was a crash c-section for my first child, and it was horrifying. We almost lost the baby, my recovery was from hell, and I actually developed PTSD afterwards. It took several years of therapy to help me past that- and here I was again, about to be cut open.

I explained, briefly, my fears to the various docs involved. They were all very caring. I held it all together until I ended up on the actual operating table, and then so many bad memories came back. I started to cry, and the amazing OR nurse dabbed the tears off my cheeks and held my hand tightly, and then… I woke up hours later.

Surgery went perfectly. Hooray! There was a brief scare when they had trouble getting my BP under control, but, honestly, the eventual decision was that it was fear and stress driving it up so high. Because of this it did take them longer than normal to release me to a room.


Normally a gallbladder removal can be outpatient, but as we started so late at night, and probably also due to my BP, they kept me overnight. Probably a good choice. I got the all clear at noon or so on Wednesday and just like that, came back home.

But not until after I got jello!


The pain is better today, and I’m able to go longer than the minimum between pain pills, so that’s a good sign. It took a ridiculous amount of energy to type this blog post.

During all this drama, we’ve still been dealing with the home repairs. The contractor managed to call right when the surgeon finally arrived in my ER cubby… oi. I can’t deal with telling you about that today, but let’s leave it at, the fun is not done over here, not by far.

The Vicodin are calling me. Time to go. But first, thank you all for your well wishes. It’s appreciated.


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Tula Tuesday: Blocks 64-66

Good thing I sewed these blocks BEFORE the house fell apart and I got sick!



House update: fans and dehumidifiers have been removed (!), hole to roof where wasps were entering has been temporarily plugged, and contractor has been called back in- waiting on him now. Me update: looks like gallbladder is probably coming out. I’ve been switched to a clear liquid diet, which sucks, and sent for a surgery consult. Since we have Kaiser, getting that scheduled is turning out to be a nightmare. My abdomen is incredibly sore and tender, and doing anything for more than a few moments is a terrible idea. Also, I shouldn’t knit in pain, as I had to rip out an entire heel of my current sock due to a really dumb mistake.

I had my next 3 Tula blocks done already, but I hadn’t taken pics, so I called on my daughter for help. Hence, in the photo above, they are out of order and one is sideways. But I’m still grateful to her for her help!

Block 64: I am so very very happy with this one- look how the cotton and steel purple dots line up on the diagonal!

IMG_1222 IMG_1229

Total accident, totally perfect.

Block 65: a peeping squirrel!

IMG_1224 IMG_1232

I wish I had faced the purple pearl bracelets down instead of up, but I still love this wonky little block.

Block 66: somehow this one ended up 7.5″ wide! WTF? How did I pull that off?

IMG_1228 IMG_1235

It’s the only one I’ve squared up so far, because, that was just insane.

No idea when I will feel well enough to sit and sew again. Sitting is very uncomfortable. Hopefully this clear liquid diet will work, and calm down my gallbladder and alleviate the pain… Hopefully.

Meanwhile, here’s my progress update:

tula blocks 1 thru 25 city sampler blocks 26-50 city sampler blocks 50-66

Time for more greens and treys? Deep purples?

Did you have any Tula progress this week? Link up below…

Meanwhile, I’ll be at Sew Cute Tuesday, Let’s Bee Social, and WIP Wednesday.

Hope you’re all having a better week than me!


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So that 24 hour stomach bug I had last week? Not so much.


The horrific abdomen pain came back with a vengeance at 3am, and by 6am, I woke up my husband so he could drive me to the ER.

Yeah, not a stomach bug. A wonky gallbladder. Apparently it’s just totally full of stones. Awesome. And 2 attacks in a week makes me a possible candidate for removal.

Because this week didn’t suck enough already.


Last week we noticed a big leak in our house. Ugh. We’ve had tons of rain lately- very unusual for Denver. Our insurance people sent mitigation folks, who ripped open the walls and set up dryers, plus disinfected.


And they were scheduled to remove the equipment- when it rained like mad again, and more water appeared. At least this time we could see where it was coming from.IMG_1186

But this caused the need for more wall/floor ripping up. My poor little guy has been evicted from his bedroom, as his floor is also the ceiling that was leaking. It appears we’ve had water issues for a while but it just finally got big enough to bust through.


Yup, that carpet will have to go.  And walls need to be repaired and repainted. And we have to determine why the hell it happened in the first place.

This is not meant to be a please pity me post, but after sharing all my happy stuff with you last week, I thought I should show the other stuff too.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take one of the pain pills they ER doc prescribed, and go back to bed. Looks like there will be no sewing or knitting around here for a while.


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Flashing Back to My Very First Quilt

I was catching up on my Bloglovin feed and stumbled ion this post over at Don’t Call Me Betsy. She’s had a wonderful idea, to share our older, even pre-blog quilts. And since I started way back in 1998 (or maybe even 1997), I have a LOT of pre-blog quilts. So I thought I’d jump right in!

And what better place to jump right in than my first quilt, ever?


I was a senior in college, and an Art History/History double major. I became intellectually interested in quilting after learning about its importance in women’s and African American history (and later about its role in American Indian cultures as well.) So I found a class at a local community art center, and dove in.

With no machine. That’s right, I didn’t even own one, and the entire class was done by hand. In retrospect, I think our teacher was a little bit scared of machines. I didn’t know any other way, so piecing every stitch by hand made sense to me… And there was no rotary cutting- I didn’t learn about that until later. There was template plastic and sharpies and fancy fabric scissors.

It was a class sampler style, from a book who’s title I have since forgotten. Some of the blocks have names I still remember- Ohio Star, Churn Dsh, Dresden Plate. We learned appliqué and circles and more. It was a very thorough introduction.

IMG_1191 IMG_1190 IMG_1192

After we assembled the top, again 100% by hand, we learned how to baste and hand quilt. I still have my original hand quilting hoop! But I don’t think I’ve used it since the turn of the century…

Laugh away at this next revelation: I was SO sad when I first saw batting. I thought my quilt was going to be poofy like a comforter, not basically flat. Sigh. I sucked up my disappointment when the people in the shop (somewhere in Cambridge, MA next door to a Pepperidge Farm Outlet store, and yes that was EVIL) convinced me that trying to hand quilt the puffier polyester batting would be a nightmare. Bless them.

I think I even still have some leftover bits of these fabrics stored away. Of course, since we learned how to do everything the RIGHT way, they were all pre-washed and ironed- which I rarely bother with any more.

What’s impressive, if you know me at all, is how very very ME these colors are. In fact, it still sits folded on a chair in our bedroom, because it still works in our bedroom. (Yes, you can see the fold lines in these photos, which means I should move it more!)

I still have trouble believing that my first project was a success. Trust me, there were several in line after this one that totally were not. And I promise to share at least some of those as well. Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to seeing what YOU all are going to share!



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Tula-Not-Quite-Tuesday: blocks 61-63

After I shared my shopping binge with you all, I was struck by a mean 24 hour stomach virus. Boo. By the time I felt human again, it was raining and i couldn’t take my blocks outside for a photo. Tuesday came and went. But Wednesday proved sunny, and I feel mostly recovered, so ta-da:


Blocks 61, 62, and 63. I told you I’d be busting out those Cotton & Steels…

block 61: time for more pink. Cotton & Steel pink, at that… plus my fave AMH.

14657520110_3a35a30a24_z 14657578369_ab05ba3a39_z

I love the shiny metallic accents.

Block 62: more shiny, metallic Cotton & Steel, along with my other fave AMH, and my fave Tula. So pretty.

14657676407_c08f8f4779_z 14657605448_32e7f1d87d_zShiny shiny! That’s the word of the week…

Block 63: so much of that AMH, and blue. More blue! I needed more blue, badly.

14821239486_d24502b2a5_z 14821253896_ba4d979137_z

Okay, so this one’s not shiny, but it is pretty.

And look at them all together!

tula blocks 1 thru 25 city sampler blocks 26-50 14821456276_93a1be71a7_z

I think my color balance is decent, but maybe it’s time for some more grey?

Did you have any Tula progress this week? Link up below…

Meanwhile, I’m linking up at WIP Wednesday and Let’s Bee Social.


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A Sunday Stash PSA

I have had a wonderful few days.  My husband and I celebrated our 15th anniversary with an amazing dinner out,


my girlfriends and I checked out the stunning, amazing, breathtaking Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens,


my family took in Guardians of the Galaxy (awesome)


and hit the Denver County Fair (disappointing this year, for the first time ever).


And the next day we went out to brunch, with bottomless mimosas.



And that’s where the Public Service Announcement comes in. Don’t drink multiple mimosas and then go to a fabric shop having a 40% off everything moving sale.

IMG_0999 IMG_1103

Um, 26 yards of fabric, 4 spools of Aurifil, a pattern, and 2 packs of Kaffe Fasset shot cotton charm squares.


First, 6 yards of plain white went straight to be prepped for tomorrow’s adventure: indigo dyeing! Annie and I will be joining a fab friend to try it for the first time.

And possibly due to my happy brunch buzz, I let the kids pick out fabrics.


IMG_1105 IMG_1117

Science themed organics, crowns, and Tardis blue solid.


IMG_1106 IMG_1109

Ninjas, throwing stars, bow ties and bacon.

Mom: (she was the one who took us to brunch, isn’t she awesome?)


And finally, me:

IMG_1111 IMG_1113 IMG_1119

Cute animals- expect to see the hot pink in my Tula blocks ASAP, a fab blue print, a fun purple halloween print, and 3 yards of the amazing Maude Asbury Xmas print.

And the rest…


I needed some grey Aurifil (I had just started my last spool), and the blue is for Annie’s Tardis quilt- not yet started. And purple? I can always use more purple. As for the Swoon pattern, I had been seeing amazing swoon blocks all over the interwebs but never got around to getting the pattern. So now I have it. And you can never have too many Kaffe shot cotton charm squares. Maybe I should have bought another pack?

And, not pictured, Annie found a spirograph set which I agreed to get for her.

The fabric was all 50% off, and everything else 40% off. So this looks obscene, but, at least it was a good deal.


Please say yes…

(Linking up with the fab Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash…)



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Tula Tuesday: Blocks 59 and 60

While it might feel like my entire life has been consumed by watching my kids participate in youth theater


(Annie in a goth version of Romeo and Juliet) or play baseball


(Henry’s team took 3rd place in their end of season division tournament), I’ve managed to get a tiny bit of sewing. Thank goodness I don’t have any major deadlines!


Even with a vacation, 2 rounds of theater camp for Annie, and little league baseball including a major tournament for Henry, I finished blocks 59 and 60! Which means I’m still on track with my goal of 10 blocks/month for 10 months. I didn’t sew anything else this month, at all, but that’s okay.

Block 59. I used the original fabric scheme, and adapted the colors to make them my own.

IMG_0758 IMG_0747

That Parisville dotty print os one of my faves, and I’ve found it hard to work into these blocks, so I was happy to find a spot for it.

Block #60- I used that same Amy Butler Love print that I, yes, love, so much… and this time I mixed it up with a very bright blue.

IMG_0757 IMG_0752

My photos of both blocks are lousy, but the blocks really are straighter than they look… Part of being so busy this month was running out of time to take even crappy cell phone photos of the blocks, and also being too tired to care. Did I mention that Henry played 4 baseball games in 50 hours over the weekend- and in the middle of all that we had to drive to the mountains and back to pick Annie up from sleep away camp? And the baseball was so intense that I couldn’t even manage to knit while they played?!

I need a week off.

Meanwhile, here’s 7 months of Tula Pink City Sampler blocks for your enjoyment:

tula blocks 1 thru 25 city sampler blocks 26-50 city sampler blocks 51-60

Do you have ay Tula progress to share? Link up below.


I’m linking up with Sew Cute Tuesday and Let’s Bee Social.  And maybe next week, I’ll have some more sewing to show you, Maybe. (Don’t hold your breath- the Denver County Fair is this weekend, and that promises to be so much fun!)


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Tula Tuesday: Blocks 56-58

I’m back, and apparently, in a totally purple mood. (Also, I sewed these BEFORE my recent fabric buying trip, but expect to see those fabrics in these blocks ASAP!)


Not that purple is my fave color or anything…

Block #56 is my fave of this batch.

IMG_0517 IMG_0528

The dotted fabric that looks white is truly a verrrrrrry pale lavender. Instead of the raccoon faces, I used their tales. I’ve already got a few blocks with faces, so tales seemed fun.

Block #57 inspired me to use the exact same fabric scheme as the original.

IMG_0520 IMG_0526

Wish I’d paid a bit more attention to the tiny print block- I cut it but not from the same bit of pattern.

Block #58 was the anti-triangle block, and I was very grateful for it.

IMG_0522 IMG_0524

The print row is one of my fave Amy Butler fabrics ever, from the Love line.

So, in my next blocks, I think I might need to take a tiny purple break? Good thing I have those pretty new fabrics!

tula blocks 1 thru 25 city sampler blocks 26-50 blocks 51-58

Do you have any Tula to share? Link up below.

I’ll be jointing in at Sew Cute Tuesday and Let’s Bee Social.


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Sunday Stash, Wherein I Too Succumb to Cotton & Steel Mania (with bonus yarn)

I’m not certain I have ever seen a fabric launch as widely covered by the quilt blog world as Cotton & Steel. I admit, I quite like the line, but goodness, it’s crazy out there.

And yet.

I wanted some for myself (especially the basics/blenders- I’m crazy for those!) I had a brilliant plan. I had a 20% off one item coupon for Fancy Tiger, so why not use it to buy a FQ bundle? Here’s why: they hadn’t actually got any in :-( They had the entire line…

IMG_0567 IMG_0568

…but not any of the precut bundles.Since I had arrived in the store ready to splurge, I did go through and pick my absolute fave individual pieces:

IMG_0569 IMG_0640 IMG_0643

I could have bought that diagonal dot print in every color, I love it that much. But, I wasn’t THAT ready to splurge. Which turned out to be a good thing, because…


Right there at the register was the leftover yarn from the Stephen & Steven Tour 2014. (For the third consecutive year, I missed Stephen West’s teaching and tour stop at Fancy Tiger. I am starting to believe that he checks my vacation schedule before booking time in Denver…) Several friends went to the trunk show and/or took classes, and offered to pick me up some of the exclusive yarn. But it is VERY spendy, and I responsibly declined their offers. And then, over a week later, there was some just waiting for me. And I still had that 20% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket (or actually, on my phone, since it was from an app.) So when that gorgeous skein called out to me, I was able to answer it.

IMG_0636 IMG_0638

The yarn is Galaxy by Wild Hare Fiber Studio and the color way is called Neon Zebra, and it is shot though with metallic silver. I have spent the last 2 days petting it. I cannot wait to find the perfect project for it…

Here’s hoping your week was full of delightful stash additions! (Linking up with Sunday Stash…)


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Colorful Colorado is Coloradical

I thought I’d share some highlights from our mini break last week…

IMG_0133 IMG_0172 DSC_6799 DSC_6856 DSC_6991 DSC02555 DSC02560 DSC02578 IMG_0363 IMG_0380 DSC02598 DSC02592 DSC02605 DSC_7114

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